Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hoodoo in the Work Place by the Divine Prince

So you have done your best and all that you think you can do but things seems to still be stagnant on at your job and work place? Now you are wondering if something else maybe at work.

Start by cleaning up. Clutter and general un-cleanliness can trap stagnant, old and negative vibrations, energies and patterns in your work space that can keep you from creating fresh ideas, ways of thinking and creating and moving forward in promotions and advancements.

Especially today in these tough economic times many are turning to harsher graver means to security financial and job security far beyond the backstabbing of the modern office place, people are now turning to magical and supernatural means to bring harm and confusion in the work place.

Be especially wary of those eating, bring and carelessly dropping peanut shells in your space. When applied correctly in with very specific incantations, peanut shells have been used since the age of slavery to disrupt and create confusion in the work place.

Often used to break up a perceived strong hold or unfair balance of power, they are utilized to create a viral like attack and breakdown in organization, communications and cohesion within the set up work environment.

Many have now heard the stories of a growing number of people and children who experience violent reaction to the physical ingestion of even a minute amount of peanut product.

These unfortunates experience a breakdown in the life giving function of the organs that we must have to maintain live and thrive, particularly respiratory and immune functions.

Peanut hulls can have the same affect spiritually and ethereally when applied to do harm or evil.

Frequent and regular cleansing of the environment and items within the work space with sudsy ammonia and warm water will assist to alleviate, clean and remove any presence of the root and its effects from the environment.

Also be careful bringing in too many photos and personal items into your work space that can be utilized to attach negative vibrations to you and your love ones.

I also suggest keeping food items to just what you can eat in a short period of time and within reach or monitoring range if at all possible or eat out fresh.

Community kitchens and food storage areas are often the first place people of ill will target within the work place and many video have been aired on television and the internet of such situations, gone wrong.

Stones great for enlivening energies and creating positive helpful wholesome vortexes while also assisting in data processing, storage and retrieval, organization and a sense of time awareness are Quartz Clusters of Amethyst, Citrine, Hematite and Chlorite included Clear Quartz.

Clusters are the ‘multitaskers’ of the mineral kingdom and are able to process countless frequencies, energies, personalities and task simultaneously and with multidimensional range and efficiency.

Clusters encourage cohesion, cooperation and collective responsibility, division of labor and specialization.

Another great spiritual battling tool is High John the Conqueror Root; Legendary for its ability to assisting in battling all manner of spiritual wickedness, illness and vibrations.

Contact me for more details on the proper usage and location of these items and processes.




“All is a Blessing IF you can just see beyond the veils; for it is ‘all’ just an illusion and a test, and one of the greatest Divine Mysteries of this life cycle.”
~The Divine Prince

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