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Denim All Purpose Gris-Gris Goddess Skirt Bags

TyE POTIONS and the House of the Divine Prince
Gris-Gris Bags, Pouches, Dolls and Wands.

The word gris-gris is a French rendition of the Central African word Gris-Gris, which means fetish or charm. In New Orleans, gris-gris is often carried in the form of a doll, wand or a bag and is essentially a means of carrying a charm or a spell.
These Gris-Gris combine the magical powers of colors, herbs, stones, essential oils, and other magical items and come complete with instructions for use.
Each is blessed for the specified purpose: love and passion, health and fertility, money blessings, peace and protection, and general good luck and success.

Mam’zelle Marie Laveau was most famous for her potent Gris-Gris charms which consisted of a magical symbol or Vévé written with dragon's blood ink on parchment paper and sewn into cloth or leather bags. Her clients spent thousands of dollars on these charms and swore by their effectiveness.
This Conjure Paket contains the same magical talisman for wealth and prosperity that Mam’zelle Laveau drew and placed into her Conjure Bags. It combines the magical powers of colors, herbs, stones, essential oils, and other magical items and comes complete with instructions.

Please do contact me directly for those more expensive but powerful manifesting bags, dolls and wands.
Each is blessed for the specified purpose.
Denim All Purpose Goddess Skirt Gris-Gris Bag

BUT these bags.........

These Gris-Gris bags are anointed and prayed over with Blessed Water, Blessed Oil and Sacred Root Powder.

These magical bags include, respectively:
Clear Quartz Crystal, Cayenne Pepper, Okra, High John Root, Frankincense Resin, Myrrh Resin, Three Kings Resin, the breastbone of a ritually sacrificed chicken, raw natural semi precious Garnet stone, Whole Anise, Whole Cinnamon, Whole Cloves, Whole Allspice, Sage, Pineapple Sage, Licorice Root, Dragon’s Blood Resin and of course a few extras that I cannot and will not reveal; I cannot give my whole recipe and process away for obvious reasons!
All is a Blessing in Divine Wisdom and Overstanding, Ritual Magic and Manifestation!
All you need are results.
These items can be carried and held during prayer and meditation to charge and program for your endeavors, blessing and protection. They can also be laid and keep on altars and hung in prayer rooms.
The denim Goddess bags are inconspicuous enough to hand or keep secretly in work environments and public spaces without anyone knowing what they are, unless of course they too have ordered and purchased my power bags, wands and dolls!
These bags are dedicated to The Goddess giving them flexibility in usage and dedication to a wide range of female Saints and Deities.
The zippered bags also give them flexibility in refreshing and later adding other magic for new endeavors.
I also found that new clients like the ability to see what was in the bags.
Some dolls come permanently sealed; others can too be later opened.
All wands come already blessed, anointed, programmed, charged and activated and CONNOT be opened; they are permanently sealed.
Thank You for Your Patronage!
Know that I am here for you!
Know that I am truly here for you and want to see you progress in the most positive, powerful and beneficial way: spiritually, mentally, materially, physically and financially.
All is a Blessing!
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I Offer You Divine Peace, Joy and Blessings!
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